• Monday Morning Motivation: 10.19.15

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  • Motivation for Life

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  • A CrossFitter's Identity Crisis

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    Chief Encouragement Officer Jake Thompson prior to CrossFit Open workout 12.2

    One of the struggles I have with CrossFit is that I will sometimes put too much stock into the sport. Like I had done with football and team sports in high school, I battle the desire to attach my own self-worth with how well I perform a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day). After having a half hour to unwind from the competition workout, I posted a Facebook update as a way to simply remind myself that my identity is not found in CrossFit. Never has been, never will be. No matter how well or poorly I do in the sport.


  • Our Greatest Disappointments...

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    Sometimes our greatest disappointments are the stepping stones needed to reach our greatest successes.

    No matter how much we believe in ourselves, sometimes we get a bad break. We make a bad choice. We continually fail to complete that repetition. We fail at a venture. We are cut from our sports team. It happens. We fail. And in life, it is needed.

  • Brick Walls

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    Over. Around. Under. Straight damn through. If you want something - a goal, a dream, a desired life - badly enough, you won't let anything stop you from achieving success....
  • Don't Die Wondering

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    As we look back on 2011 and what was or wasn’t, I pose a challenge to each of you.

    Don’t die wondering.

    2011 could be the last year for some of us. It’s a scary piece of reality. Even if it’s not, do we really think we’re going to live forever? Time is precious, so why put off things for one more year? Hell, why put off things for tomorrow?

  • The Little Things

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    In order to get to where you want to be, you have to take a few small steps forward every day. Heck, even one step forward every day. But you have to make that little move forward. Success is glamorous and attractive to many. The road there? No so much.
  • Watch Me

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    We all hear the voices. The negative feedback. The doubters. The “you can’t” people. They’ll always be there. Always talking. Always giving you a reason to why you can’t succeed. You can’t control what they say.

    So how do you best respond?

  • Be That Person

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    How do you wake up in the morning?

    Do you grumble and growl searching in the darkness for the source of that incessant alarm buzz? Do you rollover and kiss your loved one good morning? Do you hit the snooze button to sleep “just 5 more minutes…” Or do you hear that alarm ring and instantly think “It’s game time. Let’s go.”?

  • 2011 Sucks

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    2011 is quickly coming to an end. And for me, it's been an awful year. But here's a great reason why I'm not ready to just blast through these last 58 days.

  • We only compete on days that end in "Y"

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    We only Compete on days that end in "y."
  • Don't Wait. The Time is Always Now.

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    You tell yourself that tomorrow is the day that you'll conquer your fear of CrossFit. Maybe you have the itch to finally start that business you've been thinking about for months? Go ahead and just wait. It'll be there tomorrow right? Fat chance. Life moves too fast for opportunities to just wait for you to get the courage to grab them.

    When is the best time for action?

  • The Barbell Doesn’t Care What You Look Like

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    Compete Every Day team at the 2011 Dallas Europa Fitness Expo

    Skinny. Large. The barbell doesn’t care what size you are. The barbell doesn’t care what color your hair is, or if you even have hair on your head. Games strong. Rookie “strong.” The barbell doesn’t care.

    It doesn’t judge you based on physical appearance. It doesn’t judge you based on what your body fat percentage is. It judges you on if you can lift it. It judges you if you have the heart to keep lifting it when you get tired and worn out. It judges you when you set it down and face whatever life throws at you head-on. Lift it heavy. Lift it light and fast. Move it up and down or side to side.

    Just move the damn barbell.

  • From a Coach's Perspective

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    The following is a guest post by Taryn Romanowich from Function in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Taryn wanted to share what she sees day in and day out within our CrossFit community why it encourages her. 

    I’m a rather new affiliate owner - this isn’t breaking news. I’ve been well involved in the fitness and athletic industry for quite some time now. But it’s with the opening of my new affiliation that my perspective of what a champion is, has really come to light. You can read it all over the internet: A continuous stream of blog posts from people who are changing their lives through CrossFit and the functional fitness style of training, as well as the accompanying diet along with it. It’s one thing to read all of these success stories (as great as they really are), but it’s an even better experience to be part of these success stories, where each person’s success has a different definition. You see, when we think of “CrossFit” we automatically think of the firebreathers and the Games athletes. We think of those people in our local boxes that are throwing themselves at the WOD and ending their day with a visit to “Pukie”. It’s a common CrossFit stereotype.

    But when I think of CrossFit? I think of something quite different.

  • Just Do It

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    Why is that first step of action so seemingly difficult? Why is it when we see something out of our comfort zone, we freeze or back down when we should be stepping up to the challenge? What are we so scared of?
  • We're All Competitors

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    I love competition. I thrive on competition. That’s why I love CrossFit. We’re all competitors. We compete against our neighbor. We compete against our waistline. We compete against the clock. We compete against our friend who consistently kicks our butt in the daily WOD. Each one of us fighting after the words “3..2..1…GO!” echo in the gym. The most amazing thing about this year’s CrossFit Games South Central Regionals was not the set of amazing athletes and teams that made it to the 2011 Games. All credit is due to them, for their performances were simply remarkable. And I hope the winner of the 2011 Games comes out of South Central. But for me, the amazing thing was watching the rest of the field compete.

    Here's why.

  • Quit? It Never Even Crossed My Mind

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    2011 South Central Regionals

    I had the pleasure of watching the CrossFit Games South Central Regionals two weeks ago in Tomball, Texas, with the members of Dallas’ CrossFit Strong. During workout 4 of the team competitions, one of the girls on the Strong team smashed her face on the pull-up bar. Like really smashed her face – bloody, broken nose and all. Instead of stopping, the competitor came off the bar, grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding and got back into position to help her team with the 250 kettlebell swings. One of her teammates ripped up his shirt so she could plug her nose and keep going for the remainder of the workout. It was amazing to watch. When it ended, multiple friends went up to her and told her that not only was her performance amazing, but they asked her how she kept going when they would have quit.

    Her response was simple - “Quit? The thought never even crossed my mind.”

  • So What Are You Waiting For?

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    What are you waiting for? That barbell is not going to just pick itself up. And that weight is not going to just get lighter by lying there. That stack of paperwork on your desk is not just going to disappear. That relationship with your spouse is not going to improve if you don’t work at it. That dream career of yours is not just going to fall in your lap. So what are you waiting for?
  • It's Just One Hour

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    Post-workout exhaustion.

    It's just one hour.

    Day in and day out we enter our Box to push ourselves after the words "3...2...1...go!"

    We break limits that we thought our bodies could not handle or overcome.

    Sometimes we push ourselves for 3 minutes. Other times upwards of an hour. It's excruciating painful at times. Full effort, 110% - it's the only way we know how to go. Give it everything we have for a limited amount of time.

    And then it's over.

  • Why Compete?

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    Original Compete Every Day shirt

    I’ve always been one to revel in the thrill of competition. From a young age, I only focused on sports and improving myself in that area to be a better player and teammate. As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed that each one of us, no matter our background or economic status, has to compete day in and day out.

    Call it survival, but we daily fight for our lives.

    Our relationships (family, friendships, loved ones, even our faith) would all wilt without our continued focus and energy in nurturing them. Just look at ruined relationships – one party usually gets tired of fighting and gives up and things begin to die.

Your Life is Worth Competing For

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