Proclaim Yourself a Competitor

Why I Compete

We choose to be Competitors in life.

It's a decision that the most successful & the most driven choose each morning. They choose to compete - for their goals, their faith, their careers, their relationships, their health, their lives - because they understand that everything they want has to be pursued.

Life's goals are not just given to us.

We are Competitors. We hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard because we know it's worth it. This community is full of like-minded, unique individuals who want to encourage and equip one another, and compete for life together. 

We all have something we're competing for in life. That "something" is shared openly - because we know it is an inspiration to others. It's part of our story that mattersSo what do YOU Compete Every Day for?

Accept the Challenge

Inspire other competitors by posting your sticker & wristband online! Use the hashtag #WhyICompete to join the community movement to inspire others with our stories, & tag @CompeteEveryDay to be highlighted! 

FREE "I Am A Competitor" Bundle

Get your free "I Am A Competitor" wristband bundle of 3 bands (various colors) and a Why I Compete sticker when you pay for shipping! Share what YOU compete every day for to inspire others & wear your wristband proudly proclaiming that you won't stop until you win.

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