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    Life is worth Competing for.

    If you believe these words, this is your address.

    Competitors are more than all-stars or hall-of-famers. Competitors change the game. They transcend the games they play and forever cement their names in history - no matter what the field.

    We have one shot at this life on earth but we can lose one thousand times and still end up winning. What type of legacy will you leave behind with whom you train, work, sacrifice and live. Are you a competitor who grabbed life for all its worth? Did you compete? We repeat. Did you compete every day?

    Our team is proud to announce the (re)birth of a program for those who compete daily to leave a powerful legacy. Because you live in the gear, we’re taking it up another level to reward you. We want all flag bearers to start 2017 strong.

    Click here to start your Legendary Membership


    How it Works

    The Legendary Competitors Program is a monthly t-shirt subscription for the competitor who has big goals & won't stop until they reach them.

    Choose A Plan

    Annual Plan   Monthly Plan


    Decision time! Monthly or Annual?
    $26 to join the Monthly Plan and then billed monthly on the 1st of each month. Or SAVE $40 a year by selecting the Annual Plan.

    **Annual subscribers - use code LEGEND to receive the annual membership for just $299**

    Select a Size

    We have available a men's t-shirt, women's muscle tanktop, or racerback scoop tanktop! Click here for our size & fit guide for additional help!

    Set New PR's - in and out of the gym!

    Each month, run to your mailbox with fire as your new Compete Every Day shirt arrives. Tear open the package, put on the new shirt, & obliterate obstacles that try to stop you.

    Ready to Compete for Life?!?

    Start Here


    Do you have questions about the program? Here are some additional details, and if that doesn't answer them, click here to email us

    • 15% off all purchases through the remainder of 2016
    • 12 shirts or tanks - one (1)  new design delivered each month
    • 12 wristbands - one (1) delivered each month
    • First option to buy new products, special-edition prints, & offerings before made available to public.
    • Special sales & discount codes throughout the year to receive 15-30% off all items!
    • Shipping is included in the product price - no outside costs!
    • Monthly or annual payments are available. *Discount if paying annual*