Team Compete Ambassadors

Compete Every Day Ambassador Program

Team Compete Every Day Ambassadors

A true competitor's determination to win goes far beyond the playing field. Select individuals apply a competitive mindset to their job, relationships, & goals, in the pursuit of doing more, giving more, and being better every day. A competitor is determined to beat yesterday.

To apply for consideration as a Compete Every Day Ambassador, you must meet the below criteria and complete the application below. 

Please note that if you apply and do not meet the criteria below our team will not contact you regarding status. Only apply if you meet the standards below, including 2 of the 3 social media followings listed first.


  • Instagram: 2,000+ followers
  • Facebook (if applicable): 1,000+ followers
  • Twitter (if applicable): 2,000+ followers
  • Must post at least 2-3 times per week on social media platforms (not necessarily mentioning CED, but in general posting activity)
  • Must be an active member of your community that participates in or organizes large events at least 2-3x per year. An event is considered a competition, fundraiser, festival, race, etc..
  • Must not be sponsored, ambassador for, or promote a competitor lifestyle apparel brand

Please note that the quality of the social media presence is a deciding factor for ambassadorship. We are looking for authentic, high quality photos of athletes in their environment (home, work, or the gym) and how the concept of Competing Every Day is captured in their lifestyle.


Application: If you meet all of the above criteria and are interested, please click here and complete this application for review by our team.



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