Every team has talent. What separates the best is how they unlock their talent by investing in their mindset + culture.


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Success in today’s rapidly changing corporate landscape depends as much on your mental skills than your technical ones, ESPECIALLY given the events of the last two years.

Is your team equipped with the focus to control their controllables instead of being distracted by what's beyond their control?

Are your best employees continually striving to raise their game after hitting a goal or do you find them being more complacent than competitive?

Do you want to give your team the competitive advantage in the marketplace so your company has the best chance to succeed?


I help companies get to the next level by learning how to build the GRIT, MINDSET, & SKILLS required to succeed repeatedly in an ever-changing, hyper-competitive world.


Learn how to empower leaders in your organization to grow and equip them with the Winning Mindset that turn them into elite performers.


Jake's clients have shared that his programs have helped their employees:

  • Increase grit
  • Adopt accountability
  • Focus on the MOST important tasks
  • Lead with greater influence
  • Take action without needing motivation
  • Boost performance and attitude.

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What would your company look like if every one of your employees was reaching their goals, and along the way, their full potential?

Productivity would increase. Employee happiness would increase. And most of all, your organization’s growth would increase. It’d be game-changing, but sounds too good to be true, right?

It doesn’t have to be.

In my experience working with ambitious people and teams, we far too often get caught up in comparison rather than embracing competition in a new light. But in order to reach our full potential, and become more effective at reaching our goals along the way, we have to test our current limits and compete every day against ourselves.

Discover how your team’s greatest competition lies within themselves, and by embracing that competition, can propel themselves toward new heights in their professional and personal lives.

Your audience will leave encouraged, equipped, and excited to compete every day – and your company will be fueled with forward momentum.

Key Lessons

    1. The Importance of Me vs. Me. The best don’t waste their most important asset (time) comparing themselves to others. They learn to compete against their best from yesterday to win today, every day.
    2. How to Successfully Navigate Hardship. Everyone stumbles, but with The Competitor Mindset you can turn that trip into a roll forward and a losing race into your own winning one.
    3. Build a Culture of Accountability. Success requires accountability – from your teammates and yourself. Learn why it’s important and how your team can implement it to build a Championship culture at your company.
    4. Make Progress Without Motivation. Our choices create a domino effect that helps us create our own winning streak. Learn how to trick your brain into taking action steps forward every day – whether you feel motivated or not.
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“You earn your championship trophies in practice, you only pick them up on gameday.”

Success is like an iceberg. The work we do without an audience under the water is what produces the result above it that everyone sees.

Want more winning results? Focus less on the outcome and more on the process to build it.

Learn the unbeatable daily process that Jake used to build his global brand and let go of his obsession with the outcome, while still allowing him the space to create winning outcomes.

Now, it’s yours for the taking. In this program, your team will learn how to improve their focus and own the daily process required to succeed, giving them the best chance to hit their goals. Instead of being distracted by the “busy,” your team will learn how to stay focused on the best.

They’ll discover that they hold the key to intentionally choosing their workday, output, and impact.

  1. Mindset is Everything. Learn how to think like a Competitor by focusing on what's within your control & raising the bar every day.
  2. There’s Magic in the Process. Discover the secret power of the Competitor Scorecard and how it can help you win each day.
  3. Avoiding the Burnout. Learn how to work the daily process and be committed to maximizing your efforts without burning out in the process.
  4. Tell a Better Story. Find out how our self-talk - and our ability to choose a better internal dialogue - is key to using what's in our control instead of being distracted by what's not.
If you want more details on how Jake can help you and your team build the competitive edge with a Competitor Mindset, contact him here.



Teams can accomplish more when they compete together than they ever can alone.

But some teams still don’t know how to listen to each other, accept differing perspectives, or work as a whole.

In this popular team-building keynote, your team will learn the importance of high-level collaboration. They’ll understand their teammates aren’t the competition. In fact, the only person they are competing with is themselves.

Discover the three things that great teams in sports and business commit to doing in order to up-level their impact.

Lastly, learn how embracing an attitude of ownership can kill off excuses and the one question that can drastically enhance your company culture.

Key Lessons
  1. How to Build Unbreakable Grit. Keep your inner fire constantly fueled by building unstoppable grit by learning how to focus on your WHY and playing “tag” every day.
  2. What Matters More Than Setbacks. Everyone experiences a setback pursuing their goals. Most people quit. Learn how the successful keep getting back up and moving forward until they win – and how you can too.
  3. How Great Teams Operate. Learn how communication, standards and accountability weave together the fabric of winning cultures.
  4. Beat Yesterday. The strongest competition we have is with ourselves. Learn how to successfully compete against yourself instead of being distracted and drained trying to compete against everyone else.
If you want more details on how Jake can help you and your team build the competitive edge with a Competitor Mindset, contact him here.


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