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    Compete. Every. Day. 

    That’s Jake Thompson’s guiding philosophy, the mantra he repeats to himself when he needs to keep going. It’s also the name of his global lifestyle brand, where he is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer. Pulling from his unique professional career, Jake tells enlivened stories through his podcast, “Better Than Yesterday,” and distills the art of competition into actionable tips people can use within their own lives: take control, don’t let fear guide you, be courageous, and press onward.

    Jake's focus as a keynote speaker is to motivate you and your team to make it happen, whatever it is. Because life, work, and passion are ALWAYS worth competing for.

    Through the use stories and actionable tips, Jake teaches audiences how to apply the traits of the most successful competitors to reach their goals and achieve success in their career and life.

    He is experienced at speaking to diverse audiences, including corporate workshops, schools, personal development conferences, and entrepreneurship programs, sharing how each one of us has the ability to apply the Key Characteristics of A Competitor and be successful in our career, relationships, and life.


    What Others Are Saying

    "Jake kicked off our conference by bringing our theme of storytelling to life. Not only did he give our members valuable takeaways for everyday tasks, he inspired us to look inward to identify the makings of our own great stories. Jake's motivational messages aren't exclusive to any one field and the passion he has for what he does is contagious! Don't hesitate in booking him for your next event. I promise your audience will still be talking about it long after it's over!" - Samantha McCain, Mississippi State Public Relations Association
    "I have witnessed the magic that Jake Thompson brings as a guest speaker. He is a truly gifted speaker and is able to convey meaning and knowledge in an inspiring way. From a technical perspective, Jake is truly masterful. His presentations are logically structured and are interesting regardless whether you are an entry level team member or a CEO. He uses visual language, anecdotes, and powerful story telling to convey meaning. I recommend Jake for any inspirational speaking engagement!" - Dr. Laura Munoz, University of Dallas

    If you would like to book Jake for your upcoming event, please complete his contact questionnaire here.