Jake Thompson is a motivational speaker who teaches teams how to build grit, accountability, & compete every day for success!

Are your employees sleepwalking through their workday or are they striving to be the best version of themselves, day in and day out?

Have they unlocked their greatest potential by realizing what they’re truly capable of?

Are they driven and motivated to deliver the most impactful results for you and your company?

Jake is your missing key.

Release a fire within your employees by booking Jake to deliver an incredibly impactful keynote speech that is specifically designed to transform your team into competitive champions – who make bigger impacts.

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What Others Are Saying

"Jake kicked off our conference by bringing our theme of storytelling to life. Not only did he give our members valuable takeaways for everyday tasks, he inspired us to look inward to identify the makings of our own great stories. Jake's motivational messages aren't exclusive to any one field and the passion he has for what he does is contagious! Don't hesitate in booking him for your next event. I promise your audience will still be talking about it long after it's over!" - Samantha McCain, Mississippi State Public Relations Association
"I invited Jake to join our 2019 DFW sales team kick off & needless to say he was a HOMERUN with the team. He did his homework to understand his audience and had us captivated from the start. To win over a group of restless sales professionals in itself is a miracle, but to  hold their attention, spark thoughtful interaction and elicit genuine laughter – all while making excellent points about mindset, being intentional, narrowing your focus &  how your daily habits will impact the value of your self-image & – well, it was outstanding to watch." - Stephanie Allen, Capital Title of Texas

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