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    Day One

    Do you have BIG goals?

    We're not talking about the easy, default ones you'll reach this month. We're talking about the BIG ones that take months, sometimes a year or more to accomplish. Those goals. Do you have them but struggling to figure out how to reach them?

    Join Compete Every Day for one of our workshops on setting BIG goals and creating your blueprint to SMASH them!

    Chief Encouragement Officer Jake Thompson will reveal his step-by-step process that will help you achieve your goals and keep you on track for living your best life. You'll learn how to better gain clarity on that goal, create a daily routine to help you reach that goal, and network with other competitors in life who want to level up their goals & victories.

    Next Event: TBD

    Past Events: 

    • June 10 - Dallas, Texas
    • August 26th - Houston, Texas (rescheduled)