great leaders aren't born.

they're built.

Leadership isn't something you're born with - it's something you cultivate. Unfortunately, many talented, ambitious people are being promoted to leadership positions without being given the opportunity to learn & cultivate those necessary skills, and end up despising the opportunity instead of dominating it.

The overwhelm of drowning in paperwork, managing team drama, or lack of knowledge on how to actually coach up reports can cause even the most talented of leaders to feel like a failure and want to throw in the towel to go back to “what they used to do.”

Having seen this happen first hand to talented friends, I've created a handful of resources to help you better lead so you can better live at work and home.


"We recently wrapped up a workshop with Jake Thompson and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had our full development team join in – these are the individuals who are tasked with generating revenue for our important mission. Jake worked with us on balancing priorities, tasks and habits to ensure we exceed goals through our talent and hard work. It was an incredible learning experience that we would recommend to anyone."

Mandy O.


Discover how Jake's workshops & small group programs can help your team improve their productivity, mindset, & collaboration. We can customize a program to fit your schedule & go from one to multiple engagements that help your people drive better results.

leadership cohort

Learn how to better manage AND lead by sharpening the skills required to excel at both in our cohort. We host two live small group coaching calls every month for leaders where you'll learn actionable steps to improving your own mindset & the leadership influence you have at work.

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listen to the podcast

Start by improving your own leadership mindset & what goes into it by listening to healthy content that makes you better. Here are some recommended episodes  to get you started:

*A 2023 Leadership Challenge (listen)

*3 Questions Every Manager Needs to Ask (listen)

*Earning Buy-In From Your Team (listen)

give your team a boost

Learn about our group order program created to outfit your team with matching Compete Every Day clothing or copies of the book to reinforces key themes you're promoting with them!

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