Thank you for your interest in The Competitor Book Club! Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. If you have a question that we didn't cover below, please email us here and we will be happy to help you!

Who is the Book Club for?

The Competitor Book Club is for ambitious people who want to improve their grit, goal-getting, and life to be a better Competitor life. If you want to learn more to make better choices and bigger impacts, this Club is for you.

Can't I just get the books and read them all myself for free? Why pay?

You absolutely can find a reading list and do the program by yourself. However, can you tell me the key takeaways from the last 6 books you've read? Sometimes it's tough for us to remember all that we digest in a book. The Book Club is designed to give you an attainable weekly reading goal and deep conversation around the topics and content so that you'll be able to better retain the lessons for applying to your life.

Another big positive of the program is the accountability. Today's fast-paced world creates distractions and obstacles to growth, and through community, we're able to set expectations, deadlines, and hold each other accountable to taking action to get better - just like we say we desire to.

Finally, the membership fee puts skin in the game. All of us devalue what we get for free. We slack on effort and fail to hold up our end of the bargain unless there's something invested. We created a very inexpensive membership fee as a way for you to invest in yourself to commit to the entire year.

When is registration?

Registration opens Tuesday, November 20, 2018 and will run through December 28, 2018. The first reading plan and program will kick-off December 29! 

What are my options?

We offer two plans for the 2019 Competitor Book Club:

  1. Basic Membership - You'll purchase your own books. We'll send you the book information and a starting date for the first book, and it'll be up to you to purchase it online or at your local book store.
  2. Hassle-Free Membership - We take the hassle out of the program by mailing you the book every month!

What if I'm in the Hassle-Free Program and already own the Book of the Month?

If you pre-purchased the book and already own it, we'll still send you a copy and ask you to give the extra copy away to a friend, coach, or coworker and ask them to read alongside you this month!

How much reading am I expected to do per month?

We will average 1 chapter per day, and many times less than that. Each month will feature 1 book (12 total). We can all carve out the 10-15 minutes to meet this requirement. 

What if I miss the monthly group call?

Don't sweat it! We'll be recording each monthly call and sending out a link afterwards so you can watch it at a later time. 

Are you in? Click here to join!