Episode 31: Ryan Parrott, Birds Eye View Project

Crushing Your Goals

Today features a LIVE recording of the Better Than Yesterday podcast. Ryan ‘Birdman’ Parrott, a Navy SEAL and Founder of Sons of the Flag, joined our June 10 “Smash Goals” workshop in Dallas. His determination and “don’t take no for an answer” attitude has helped him accomplish goal after ridiculous goal throughout his life.

With a tough upbringing and little motivation, Ryan struggled in school as a child. Ryan finally found his spark at 18-years-old when 9/11 hit and he decided joined the military. His ambition drive took him all the way to the Navy SEALs.

Ryan now runs a non-profit organization in Dallas called Sons of the Flag that is committed to supporting military, first responder, and civilian burn survivors. Find out how Ryan overcame the hard times and crushed every goal he put his heart and mind to in this episode.

Ryan’s Journey

  • Watching 9/11 unfold and deciding to join the Navy SEALs
  • Enduring hell week and experiencing doubt
  • Proving to his platoon that he has what it takes and being deployed
  • Getting the nickname “Birdman” and surviving a bomb blast

Ryan Getting Motivated

  • Setting high standards and pushing others out of their comfort zone
  • Meeting a burn survivor and beginning Sons of the Flag organization
  • Accomplishing the “unattainable” by jumping out of airplanes with veterans

Competitive Insights

  • It’s about why. It is about why we do what we do every day that keeps us going throughout our entire life.
  • Don’t ever leave anything on the table.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“This is what drove me and drives me today. You gotta have your spark. What is your spark in life?”

“I learn from every action that I do now. Everything I do, whether I fail or succeed, I learn from it.”

“You’ve got to find the humor in chaos.”


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