Episode 9: Alicia Jessop, Ruling Sports

Success is a Mixture of Hard Work, Preparation, and Luck.

Alicia and I have known each other for years through Twitter and I know you’ll enjoy getting to know more about her. Alicia is a lawyer, professor, and blogger who built an incredible career in the sport’s industry.

In July 2011, Alicia founded RulingSports.com, a website dedicated to analyzing legal issues in the world of sports. Launching RulingSports.com gave Alicia the springboard she needed to find an international platform to discuss her passion for sports.  Since launching RulingSports.com, Alicia has been a featured guest on hundreds of sports radio shows nationwide. She’s also written for Forbes, Sports Illustrated, and Huffington Post.

We talk about how Alicia started a successful blog, what inspired her mission work in Haiti, and how to actually start pursuing your dreams.

Alicia Jessop’s Journey

  • 2:00 Graduating from law school at the beginning of the recession
  • 5:00 Noticing a void in her life and starting a blog to fill it
  • 8:00 Finding a support system from her childhood to motivate her in a male-dominated field

Alicia Getting Motivated

  • 12:40 Planning for the success of her blog and reaching out to strangers for help
  • 21:00 Learning about mission work in Haiti and what inspired Alicia to contribute
  • 32:00 Finding her home in Haiti and what it was like seeing the poverty-stricken country
  • 42:00 Setting goals for her blog and non-profit work

Competitive Insights

  • 16:30 Your blog may not launch overnight, but at the end of the day, you just need to believe in yourself.
  • 19:00 You have to start somewhere. People aren’t going to knock down your door asking you to do something you’ve never done.
  • 34:00 Decide what comes first in your life and what you actually need to get done today. Other things can get done next week.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“The only way I know failure is that failure is not trying.”

“The one thing that I’ve become very good at is learning from others.”

“Things don’t start perfect, they start messy.”


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