19: Christine Reppa


This is a very special episode because I’m bringing Christine Reppa on the show. Christine is the longest standing team member at Compete Every Day. She’s one of the first people who really joined in and ran with the message and I’m excited to have her here.

It’s been great to see Christine grow on the team and as an entrepreneur in her own journey. We talk about how she’s been able to start and grow a yoga-focused brand while working at Compete Every Day. Christine also shares how she spends time as a marketing agent for an olympic swimmer.

We talk about Christine’s journey to Compete, what she’s working on now, and tips she has for balancing multiple projects and building a side hustle. If you’re interested in starting or growing your side business, you’ll find this really helpful.

Christine’s Journey

  • 2:50 Traveling the world and figuring out her entrepreneurial journey
  • 6:00 Falling in love with yoga after being anti and getting her business idea
  • 9:00 Designing a yoga garment without a background in fashion
  • 11:30 Deciding to make her garments in the U.S.

Christine Reppa Getting Motivated

  • 13:50 Getting into a business that she didn’t know much about
  • 15:00 Making connections through local events
  • 24:00 Choosing a social good aspect for Noya Yoga
  • 29:00 Finding the meaning of compete

Competitive Insights

  • 17:00 Find overlap between projects and have fun. If it doesn’t feel like work, it’s easier to juggle. You have to like what you’re doing.
  • 20:00 Use the things you love to do to refresh yourself. Travel, yoga, and meditation are Christine’s picks.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“People are so collaborative and so open to talking to you because that’s what everybody is about in the startup community.”

“Traveling is a creative process for me. I write most of my blogs on a plane.”

“Your mind is always jumping from one thing to the next. Sometimes you need some clarity and space to let your mind get creative.”