18: Web Smith

Be All In

Web Smith is the Director of eCommerce at Gear Patrol. He runs an awesome eCommerce newsletter called 2 PM Links that I wholeheartedly recommend. If you do anything in eCommerce, marketing, branding Web is the guy for you.

Prior to joining Gear Patrol, Web spent time at , Rogue Fitness, and was the co-founding CMO at Mizzen + Main. He has a wealth of experience in his professional and personal life that he was gracious enough to share.

We get into a little of Web’s history and career path. We spend a lot of time talking about personal development and how Web has grown. He shares his best tips from working with thriving brands and balancing family and work. I think you’re going to get a ton of value out of this conversation.

Web’s Journey

  • 3:20 Going down a marketing career path and deciding to learn the technical side
  • 6:25 Wanting a sustainable career and making changes to get that
  • 7:50 Getting serious about business and creating 2 PM Links

Web Getting Motivated

  • 12:00 Building an ownership mindset to reach success
  • 14:30 Finding a moment of stillness in his career
  • 15:00 Balancing travel with work and being there for his family

Competitive Insights

  • 18:00 Associate with people that are better than you. Put yourself in the same room with people who succeed where you struggle.
  • 20:45 If one interaction can change the course of your life, imagine having seven.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“If I start to focus on all the things that are happening in my industry, then maybe I’ll do better at my job.”

“When I’m here, I’m all in, and when I’m there, I’m all in.”

“There’s not a path you can pursue that doesn’t involve meaningful interactions with people.”