Episode 15: Matthew Elledge, Enjoy the Rise

Embrace the Edge

Matt served for over 25 years as an Infantryman in the U.S. army. He is a really awesome guy I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the past months. I think you’ll get a lot out of his story transitioning from a career in the military to civilian life and how he’s been able to bring that approach and that discipline to his everyday life.

When Matt was struggling to find who he was, the actions he took and the discipline he had before he went through this challenge made all the difference.

In times of war and peace, Matt has led organizations of every size, including small units, as a platoon leader, up to a three-year post as Garrison Commander at Fort Hood, Texas. He shares with us how he brings military practices into the corporate world to motivate others and share a strong vision.

Matt’s Journey

  • 0:10 Serving over two decades as infantryman
  • 2:50 Deciding to retire from the army and still wanting to serve
  • 4:10 Falling off of his approach to life in transition and struggle

Matt Getting Motivated

  • 6:20 Turning to his military discipline to bend life to his will and turn things around
  • 10:00 Bringing military motivation and retention into the corporate world
  • 16:55 Living a disciplined life in a way that makes things easier

Competitive Insights

  • 8:10 You’re going to have good days and bad days, but people who are successful are consistent.
  • 12:44 Leaders have to get out there and lead. Talk to their folks and figure out what’s going on.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“26 years of discipline being instilled in me. Discipline is the foundation for all military units and everything we do.”

“Leading is leading. It doesn’t matter where you are. You just have to have a clear vision and get out and lead.”

“Making decisions and leading is a muscle you have to train on almost a daily basis.”


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