Episode 14: Aaron Hinde, LifeAid Beverage Co.

Balancing Family and LifeAID

I’m excited to welcome Aaron Hinde of LifeAID Beverage Co. on the Better Than Yesterday podcast. You may be familiar with his brands which include FitAID, GolferAID, and PartyAID. This company has exploded over years and it’s been thrilling to watch.

Aaron and I talk about the success of LifeAID, what’s made them successful, and how he balances an exploding company with a growing family.

We get so overwhelmed trying to balance friendships, family, careers, while trying to get in a workout routine. Aaron gives great insight into how he prioritize things and stays present in the moment.

Aaron’s Journey

  • 3:20 Going into the beverage industry with ignorance and passion
  • 5:45 Getting a business partner after years of being a solopreneur
  • 9:15 Dealing with manufacturing to get their first cans

Aaron Getting Motivated

  • 7:15 Making the decision to focus on one business idea instead of another
  • 11:45 Practicing pushing his limits and getting out of his comfort zone
  • 12:25 Balancing a number of areas in his life at the same time

Competitive Insights

  • 14:20 Yes there’s only 24 hours in a day, but there’s no limit to being present.
  • 15:50 When you’re travelling a lot, you have to incorporate the health aspect or your body will deteriorate.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone daily.”

“I put all my heart into the business side of it and it did take its toll.”

“How can I kick ass in every aspect?”


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