Episode 10: Karen Pierce

Heart of a Champion

Our special guest today is part of the Compete community. Karen lives in Austin, TX and has competed in the Crossfit Games. She’s done amazing things in her life, including kicking cancer’s ass.

In this episode, we talk about what it was like for a woman in her 30s and athlete in a rising sport to battle cervical cancer. Karen shares what she went through to even get a diagnosis, processing what her diagnosis meant for having a family, and giving hope to people who fight challenges like her.

Karen is an inspirational leader. I admire her for who she is as a woman and the fight that’s in her spirit.

Karen’s Journey

  • 3:40 The long journey into getting diagnosed with cancer at 29 years old
  • 14:40 Training throughout her entire struggle to get diagnosed
  • 18:12 Processing what it meant to not be able to have children

Karen Getting Motivated

  • 20:40 Learning to accept what her family would look like and being upfront about it
  • 26:15 Going into cancer fighting and being in her peak shape
  • 27:50 Training through her chemo treatments as best as she could
  • 31:00 Giving hope to cancer fighters with her blog

Competitive Insights

  • 36:45 You have to be an advocate for yourself and also find someone who will be an advocate for you when you can’t for yourself.
  • 41:30 When life doesn’t turn out as planned, you can still find a way to make things happen.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“Taking care of myself helped me a lot in this battle.”

“Some people always go negative when they hear the word cancer, and I don’t like going negative.”

“Entering remission is cool, but it doesn’t stop there.”


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