Episode 03: Cassidy Duffield

How important is it to have a positive mental image of ourselves?

CrossFit. Olympic Weightlifting. Body image issues, what? That’s the story Salt Lake City CrossFit athlete Cassidy Duffield shares in this week’s episode. Growing up as a gymnast, Cassidy has always been a more muscular woman. That led to special attention when she was younger, including being called “manly” as a teen.

She spent years at a mainstream gym trying to be “skinny” and lose the muscle and weight she had built as a gymnast. As she grew older, Cassidy learned to love her body and the strength she had after joining the CrossFit community.

In this conversation, you’ll hear Cassidy’s incredible story, the way she overcame body image challenges, and how to create a compelling vision of your future self.

Cassidy’s Journey

  • 2:30 Going from gymnast to gym rat and competing in CrossFit after 6 months
  • 7:42 Finding Olympic Lifting by accident and qualifying for the AO
  • 13:27 Growing up with a muscular body and dealing with standing out

Cassidy Getting Motivated

  • 16:20 Being proud of her body because of CrossFit
  • 19:55 Focusing on a positive vision instead of a negative feeling for motivation
  • 22:00 Getting closer to work that inspires her every day

Competitive Insights

  • 17:48 We’re way too concerned with what other people think. We need to learn to understand and know what we personally want and focus on our goals.
  • 22:25 Decide what few things you can do every day in business or personal development to advance.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“I wish I could’ve looked at myself then and said, “Just accept yourself and be happy with it.’”

“Focus on the compelling image of yourself at the end goal rather than trying to fit someone else’s mold of what’s beautiful.”

“My goal is to every day get one step closer to finding work I love.”


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