Episode 02: Kyle Cermak

This is Going to Be a Raw Conversation

That’s the warning Kyle Cermak gave me when we talked about sharing his story on the podcast. Kyle struggled with alcoholism for years before one fateful night changed his life – and almost destroyed it. We dive into his story, what led to his alcoholism, and how he has maintained sobriety for over seven years and restored his family.

Kyle’s story has something for everyone – and his approach to his day to day life has created a world of positive success that just eight years ago, never seemed possible.

There’s incredible value in this episode. With Kyle’s perspective of coming from addition, he’s realized how mental and physical strength contribute to overall wellbeing in a unique way. Kyle shares what he does to stay fit after years of abusing his body and how he focuses on his priorities.

Kyle Cermak’s Journey

  • 4:05 Being in a band, travelling the country, and transitioning into a new phase
  • 5:15 Growing up with a lot of alone time and craving the lifestyle he saw on TV
  • 9:05 Turning to alcohol every day for 15 years and what life was like for Kyle
  • 14:00 Hitting a low point with drinking and reaching a turning point
  • 20:40 Deciding to change his life after a heart-wrenching court hearing

Kyle Getting Motivated

  • 24:15 Getting sober through rehabilitation and recognizing his patterns
  • 26:58 Changing his behavior to receive love by giving love
  • 28:39 Developing a spiritual base to turn to instead of alcohol
  • 30:02 Becoming physically healthy so that his heart and mind function well, Working with the “Fit to Recover” program

Competitive Insights

  • 33:40 Connect spiritually or meditate in the morning to remember the bigger picture of life.
  • 37:40 Making it a point to be of service to someone every single day.
  • 39:05 The mindset for success in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“The only things that I can control are my behaviors and actions.”

“The world is a bigger place than yourself, but you’re also connected to that bigger picture of the world.”

“I take a lot of pleasure in doing the dishes because I’m excited to be able to contribute to the betterment of our family.”

Connect with Kyle

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