Ep. 50: Priscilla Tallman, Championship (Coaching) Mindset


Priscilla is a former All American volleyball player, who competed on the US National Team. High level competition is just one of the many colorful chapters in Priscilla’s life! Along the way she discovered an underlying passion in the arena of coaching, with a strong focus on the importance of team sports, on and off the field.

She combines an Undergrad Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology, her skill in writing and coaching, along with her immensely positive attitude to help athletes find their pathway to success in their sport.

Regardless of whether you’re in the arena of sport, entrepreneurship or business, you’ll hear all about the kind of team atmosphere necessary to win.

It’s OK to take time out to re-fire your passions

After Priscilla realized she was coaching out of pure habit, from the philosophy and techniques passed down from her own coaches, she didn’t feel as though it came from her heart. She took time out, to not only have children, get married and earn her Masters in Clinical Psychology, but once her children became old enough, she had a new sense of purpose and inner fire. Now her coaching comes 100% from her own voice, her views, her philosophy and her lessons.

Breaking the rhythm of struggle street

We talk about all the moments when you can almost taste victory, right before it’s taken away by the opponent, and just how Pricilla approaches these situations with the right mindset. From eliminating negative inner-chatter, and finding ways to rebound quickly, we hear about important individual and team lessons, on how to succeed in your game, despite any mistakes made along the way.

Be 100% present in all that you do

As Priscilla spends so much time coaching high school athletes, we talk about the contrast of their highly competitive nature, and distractions outside of school, and just how she keeps them focused. This includes being 100% present when working with the athletes, and not worrying about what they’re up to outside of school.

Better than yesterday quotes

Sports to me is all about loving the process of what you’re becoming.

“I always think about what life skills I’d like to pass on, both on and off the field.”

“I have a lot of fun with coaching athletes, there’s nothing wrong with goofing around a bit, I’m talking Maria Carey on Pandora.”

Show timeline

2.52 Get to know Priscilla

7.00 The transition from athlete to coach, identity struggles and overcoming injury

9.40 How Priscilla coaches her athletes to deal with adversity

17.40 Transferring habits on the field to everyday life

22.10 What’s in store for 2018

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