Ep. 43: Are Dreams Useless?


When you dream, you’re anything but still. Your eyes dart from side to side, limbs twitch, pulse races — your entire brain is in it’s most active state. And sadly, for the majority of people, that’s the most action their dreams will ever inspire.

In this episode, we spotlight two groups of people who have the same dreams. If they’re on a level playing field —  with similar skillsets, facing similar challenges and tough decisions — why does one group end up with all the prizes? Because the other hadn’t left the starting line.

Join Jake as he explains why a dream without invested action is a nightmare in progress and how to motivate yourself out of dreaming and into doing.


Lean into discomfort: This week, do something when it’s inconvenient, that you’re not 100% ready for, and when it’s easier to procrastinate.

Dreamer vs. Doer — Which one are you?


  • Talk about their dreams without taking any action to reach them
  • Say “Wouldn’t it be nice if ______ happened?” or “Someday, when things are better”
  • Take the risk-free path out of fear
  • Experience emotions like anger, hurt, and regret from neglecting their dreams


  • Competitors who takes risks and invest in action despite discomfort
  • Doesn’t wait for the “perfect time” because it will never come
  • Call their dreams, “goals” — goals have deadlines, accountability, and are made to be crushed
  • Make due with what they have now in pursuit of what they want


  • Competitors take their goals, map a plan of action and get to work achieving them. They're not content to just dream. They compete everyday to achieve them.


“Dreams can be crucial north stars that we focus on. But dreams without action are purely useless.”

“Despite the fact that our dreams are endless, our opportunities are not."

“We aren't what we say we'll do, we are what we do. Competitors aren't dreamers, they're doers.”

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