Ep. 42: Do What You Can


Imagine you’re healthy and running on all cylinders. You’re a powerhouse of energy and motivation — gaining momentum with every accomplished goal. You feel invincible. So you raise the bar a little higher, confident you’ll exceed expectations.

The finish line is just a few feet away as you go all out with your finishing kick. You’re about to cross when suddenly...something knocks you to the ground. And the pain tells you to stay down.

We all get blindsided by something that hurls us into a life of completely different circumstances. If it limits our ability to function as we did before, the frustration alone can crush our drive and determination. As Jake watches full-body workouts from the sidelines with a torn achilles, his path to recovery is finding different ways to challenge him both physically and mentally.

In this episode, Jake tells you about his journey dealing with a leg injury and how it’s impacted his motivation to pursue his goals. He also explains why slowing down and taking the long road leads to more success, plus the mindset shift to get your determination back on track in the midst of challenge.

Take the Jake Challenge:

Find that one thing that you've been holding yourself back from doing because you can't fully do it yet. Focus on doing what you can in order to one day do what you want. Be persistent in your pursuit of greatness in being better than you were yesterday and always compete every day.


  • Find joy in the process of doing what you’re currently able to do.
  • We have to start slow doing what we can before we can ever do what we want.


  • It's only after learning the basic building blocks of each movement that we're able to hit harder movements later. When we get into the big class, we do it effectively, efficiently and nail those PR's.


“Until I'm physically healthy and can do everything I wanna do, I need to be OK with only being able to do the things I can do right now."

"Do what you can until you can do what you want."