Episode 32: Dr. Rob Carmen

From Pastor to Storytelling Master

As the founding pastor of Christian City Church, Rob Carman has captured the hearts of Christians everywhere with his leadership skills. By using the art of storytelling in his speeches, he has been able to grow a church from 35 people to 5,000 people, travel to 70 nations, and train over 50,000 national leaders.

Join us in today’s episode as Dr. Rob breaks down the importance of storytelling and how to become a better leader. Make sure to get out your notebooks ladies and gents!

Dr. Rob’s Journey

  • Beginning his path to Christianity
  • Creating a church in Albuquerque that went from 35 people to 5,000 people
  • Noticing his disadvantages as a pastor in India
  • Educating other leaders to become successful

Dr. Rob Getting Motivated

  • Using storytelling as a teaching method
  • Getting physical and throwing punches on stage
  • Pushing boundaries to stay healthy
  • Traveling abroad to help with the HIV crisis and infant mortality rate

Competitive Insights

  • Continue to live for God and live a good life, a Godly life, a life filled with character.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“Everybody is a leader in some capacity.”

“You’ve got to get out of things or study things or read things or do things that put you in arenas to where your mind turns itself on or else it won’t. It just goes to sleep.”

“Know your audience. Turn around and look at who you’re talking to.”