#54: How to be a GOAL Getter


Goal Getters get it done.

Everyone has goals. Every single person you talk to has a goal they would like to reach one day. They believe it's their goal.

Yet 92% of them rarely ever do a damn thing to reach it.

Those aren't goals - they're dreams.

Dreams are dreamed about. Goals are pursued.

Competitors are doers - not dreamers. They set goals and then go get them. It's the definition of a "Goal Getter:"

Someone who strives to achieve their ultimate goal.

Goal Getters aren't content simply talking about their goals. They don't allow them to be simply dreams that would be "nice to have" - no! Goal getters take action, every day, for their goals.

I love Goal Getters.

Because they're the ones taking action, taking a risk, and putting feet to the pavement to make things happen. They're not the ones you get tired of hearing of what they'll do "one day". No! Because they're too busy making things happen today.

Sounds envious doesn't it? It should. 

Because if you're anything like me, you're happy to let the rest of the world talk about their dreams. You want to smash some goals.

So how do you become a GOAL Getter?

A Goal Getter is identified by their actions. Want to be a Goal Getter too? Start applying this episode's actions - every day - in your life for your goal.


“A GOAL Getter is someone who strives to achieve their ultimate goal."

Think of one small thing you can do today that helps you reach that ultimate goal. And do it!"

“Pursuing your goals may be an endurance sport - but it's still run one step (day) at a time.”

"Goal Getters aren't looking for the magical 'overnight success' because they're too busy taking action every single day for their real, tangible goal.


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