29: Sami Mansfield, BUILD

Combining Cancer and CrossFit

Sami Mansfield is a Cancer Exercise Specialist and runs an incredible program she calls, Build. It’s a functional fitness program for cancer survivors designed to reduce both the physical and emotional side effects from cancer diagnosis and treatments.

In the world of cancer fighters, competing daily is everything. Sami works on a clinical team during the day and runs Build in the evenings, devoting her life to the encouragement and rehabilitation of cancer patients.

We talk about how Sami came to work with cancer survivors, her plans for growing the program, the community of cancer survivors she’s built, and why you have no excuse but to compete everyday.

Sami’s Journey

  • 5:00 Playing on a boy’s soccer team as a child
  • 8:00 Making exercise her career and working with a cancer survivor
  • 10:30 Finding a tool that motivates cancer fighters

Sami Getting Motivated

  • 11:00 Developing more opportunities for the medical community
  • 13:00 Planning the growth of the Build program
  • 14:30 Creating a community of camaraderie for her cancer survivors

Competitive Insights

  • 20:00 Compete everyday because you’re healthy and you can do it. You have no excuses.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“For survivors, they lose faith in their physical wellbeing. That affects their spirit and their ability to fight.”

“It’s a community. They are the key piece. Without them it would just be me showing up and teaching a class.”

“Cancer doesn’t make them weak, it makes them strong. It’s flipping that perception.”


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