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    Blog — lisbeth darsh

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    Lisbeth Darsh: Competing for a Community

    Guest post by Web Smith.

    Compete Every Day got its start in CrossFit and we’re grateful for that.

    Not just because it is a great community but because of what you can learn from it. In many ways, there is no greater example than Lisbeth Darsh. Even without knowing her, you know that she is a woman that competes for what she believes.

    Whether it is her own personal beliefs or for the sake of the organization that she has been associated with for since opening CrossFit Watertown in Oakville, Connecticut over five years ago. Much of that time, she was working another job that many of you may know her for. As the Director of Social Media for CrossFit, Inc. she has helped revolutionize the social media savvy of the fitness industry. How?

    By setting the example in the CrossFit niche. Whether it is through early adopting, engaging, managing, aor interacting with the hundreds and thousands of CrossFit enthusiasts, owners, and athletes that take to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and so forth – day in and day out.

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