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Most Inspirational Thing You'll See Today

Competitor of the Week: Laurie King

Compete Every Day highlights a different member of the #Compete community each week. To be considered for Competitor of the Week, submit a picture wearing your favorite Compete Every Day shirt in any setting & your answers to the bolded questions below to info@competeeveryday.com with the subject line “I Compete.”

Full Name:  Laurie Christine King

Location:  Dallas, TX

Social media links:  Twitter & Instagram- @koriling   |   Facebook- Laurie Christine King

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Tiger Woods

When To Push – and When To Rest

Nothing nags at the back of a competitor’s mind more than the possibility of injury. You set a goal and then you set a course; after that, you train your ass off in hopes that when the game day arrives, you’ll be as ready as you’ll ever be. The thought of actually getting to the game day and being injured is a real worry for any competitor in any sport.

And as with any sport in the world, the possibility of injury in the CrossFit world is real; especially if you are training with a competitor’s volume on a daily basis. The wear and tear of daily training from any sport is a huge stress on the human body, and many competitors will walk that fine line of maxing out their training potential without getting injured. But as we all know, shit happens. Continue reading


NPGLing in a CrossFit World

The CrossFit world is currently in it’s mid-season lull; Regionals have come and gone and we are still a full month away from the climatic 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. So what’s a CrossFitter to do to find some fitness entertainment? (Other than watching the World Cup, of course.)

NPGL, enter stage right!

What exactly is the NPGL? I’m sure many of you have already done your research or heard about this new venture on Facebook, so I’m not going to spend many words and too much of your time going over the who, what, where, why and when. Just know that the NPGL, short for National Pro Fitness League, is the world’s first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races. Each match will consist of 11 unique separate races (5-7 minutes each) where the winner receives 2 points and completion of the race will earn you 1 point. This inaugural condensed season will last two months and have each of the eight teams compete in three matches. The championship match will be televised to a worldwide audience. (Thanks to my buddy Vic for this awesome synopsis.) Continue reading

Janet Black: Texas Made Champion

Janet Black is a Texas Made Competitor

Compete Every Day AthElite Janet Black is at it once again. The CrossFit Games athlete & Masters qualifier, and new member of the National Pro Fitness League‘s DC Brawlers is the inspiration behind the newest Compete Every Day release, Texas Made.

California State of Mind.

Texas Made Champion.

Did we also mention she is a mother, wife, and until this past month when she joined the NPFL as a professional athlete, a full-time teacher? She encompasses everything you want from a leader. And now, it’s our turn to help Janet and her quest for gold in California at the 2014 CrossFit Games. Read our latest interview with Janet here.

Our newest release, Texas Made, is available in both t-shirt & tanktop IN TWO VERSIONS: 

The Standard is our basic Compete Every Day tee with “Texas Made” printed on the front and a slight twist on our iconic logo with our home state outline.

Texas Made Shirt

“The Champion” is part of our fundraising efforts for Janet Black’s trip to California. It is the perfect fan, friend, and community member’s shirt of choice in Carson, California, or at home streaming video online, to wear while cheering on their favorite CrossFit Games Athlete.


Texas Made Shirt: The Champion


A percentage of net from each shirt sold will directly go to Janet Black’s travel fund and trip expenses for the CrossFit Games. Order “The Standard” or “The Champion” right here. And watch Janet Black achieve sports’ greatness in July.

Order Your Texas Made Shirt or Tank Here!


Compete Every Day

Finding the Silver Lining

“We’ve all got the guts to tell everyone how bad someone did, but who has the guts to tell someone what a difference they made?” – Andy Andrews

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people are to repost, share, and “like” articles that cut people, programs, and products down.  You can tell a lot about someone’s character by what they decide to “share” on their social media pages.

In fact, the same week Maya Angelou passed away, an article that criticized CrossFit and questioned its methodology was being shared through almost every social media outlet.  At about the same rate as people were posting inspirational and uplifting quotes from Maya Angelou, hatred and criticism was being shared from the anti-CrossFit community.

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lindsey valenzuela

The Agony of Defeat

As Week 4 of the 2014 CrossFit Regionals season comes to a close, it can be said with certainty that it has been one hell of a season thus far. I believe Lucas Parker (Canada West Games Athlete) said it best on twitter: “Safe to say 2014 is the most dramatic season ever… and we haven’t even finished Regionals yet.“.

The CrossFit community was shocked when last year’s first and second place ladies failed to make a return trip to the Games this season. We saw the champ herself, Sam Briggs (Europe), miss the podium by six points, while her SoCal training partner Lindsey Valenzuela, who came in 2nd at last year’s Games, missed the podium by nine points. Garret Fisher, Mr. Cinco himself, took 5th place at the 2013 Games….and then took 5th place at the NorCal Regional this past weekend, is also missing out on his chance of an almost certain return trip to the Games. It seems like in almost every region, the leaderboards shift dramatically after Day 3′s events. No one is safe and nothing is certain, until it’s all over.

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Meaghan Galindo

Stepping up to the Challenge: Meaghan Galindo

The SoCal Region is known for having some of the top ladies in the sport of CrossFit; two of the ladies that reached the podium at last year’s CrossFit Games both reign from this region. Whereas this may intimidate a lot of competitors, some make this challenge their ultimate goal. Meaghan Galindo set a goal exactly one year ago to compete as an individual athlete at the 2014 SoCal Regional and to finish in the Top 10. At the time it seemed out of reach for Meaghan, but she stepped up to the challenge and finished 7th overall while holding on to her spot in the top heat all weekend long.  This is her story.
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Because I haven't found my limit

Pick Yourself Up and Keep Going

One of the hardest parts about learning is failing. The hardest part? Picking yourself up.

On my journey to learn more about CrossFit and join the community, I unfortunately came across a couple coaches who gave the community a bad name. Instead of helping me learn, scale and better my movement, I was told that I needed to lose some weight and do 10 week of personal training before I would even be allowed to step back into the box.

I was devastated.

And then something amazing happened.

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