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"What can I even do to help?"

To often this becomes our instinctive response when asked to help on any task that seems too big to conquer. We feel there's nothing that we can immediately contribute to the goal at hand, so instead of doing something, we instead mutter an excuse and do nothing.

Fortunately for 332 people (and counting), 11-year-old Zack Francom chose to do something instead of nothing. Five years ago, Zack was inspired to do more after his school challenged each class to raise $86 to buy a wheelchair for someone who couldn't afford one. Zack decided he could do more. The six-year-old created "Zack's Shack" lemonade stand, selling cups of lemonade for $0.50 and two cookies for $1.

The stand now operates once a year, dedicating all of its fundraising efforts to purchase more wheelchairs for those in need. Now, five years strong, Zack's Shack has raised enough  money to purchase 332 wheelchairs for individuals in disadvantaged countries the LDS Philanthropies. One young boy has now started a movement that will permanently change the lives of 332 people for the better.

"What can I do to help?" The answer is anything. Start small. Start local. Above all, just have the courage to start. Compete for something much bigger than yourself today, Competitors.

To learn more about Zack's Shack and donate toward this young man's cause, visit their site here.


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