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The following guest post is by competitor Amy Clover.

9 years ago, I tried to cut my life short. Having struggled with clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder my whole life, I felt like I got a crap deal out of life, and it wasn't fair.

It wasn't fair that I had to suffer so much when other people walked around in sunshine and rainbows. It wasn't fair that I wasn't given the right amount of "happy chemicals" in my brain.

So I gave up, because obviously, there was no use in trying. Life just wasn't fair.

That was until I found my solace in sweat. When I started working out regularly, I started to realize how much fight I had inside me. I finally discovered that I could compete with that voice of doubt in the back of my head... and win.

The more I fought in the gym, the better I got at it in real life. I came back from a near-suicide stronger and more compassionate for those who deal with the struggle every day. My entire life changed: I switched career paths, I became more confident and I finally felt happy consistently. When I realized how much my workouts affected my mindset in and outside of the gym, I knew I had to help others find their fight, too.

Last year, I launched The 30x30 Project Tour. To celebrate the 30th birthday I almost gave up, I taught 30 fitness bootcamps in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention charity, To Write Love On Her Arms. Since last year, we've started a movement to end self-victimization by helping the struggling find their fight.

This year, we're making each event bigger, and the impact longer-lasting with The Strong Inside Out Tour.

The events along the tour will be comprised of multiple classes, whole & healthy goodies, and wellness chats to help people unleash their strong and hold onto it afterwards. To keep participants accountable and engaged after the event ends, we're creating an ongoing choose-your-adventure online program that will place people in tracks determined by their mindset (depressed, anxious, ready for a challenge, or just need to start). Each track will give different workout regimens, mindset tools and challenges to keep people fighting to create the lives they deserve to live.

Our goal with this tour is to empower people out of struggle by helping them find their fight through an intention-driven workout. We'll push participants to their edge while constantly prompting them to dig deeper with this prompt: WHO ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR?

50% of our proceeds from each event go to our favorite suicide prevention charity, To Write Love On Her Arms.

To let the unfairness of life dictate our actions is the ultimate injustice. Without struggle, we can't get stronger. It's impossible to find our fight if there is nothing to challenge us.

We all have something to fight for. This tour will help the people who just don't realize that yet.

We're crowdfunding on Indiegogo right now to make this tour a reality, and we can use all the help we can get to spread the word. Being that you're a Compete Every Day follower, you know the affect that fighting both physically and mentally can have on your life. Please help us teach others how to find it, too.

To contribute to The Strong Inside Out Tour and to share it with your friends, please click here. 

Thank you for helping us show the struggling how strong they truly are!

This post was written by Amy Clover, creator of Strong Inside Out. You can read more about her story on our previous interview here.


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