You Are in Charge

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And don't you forget it.

Life hands us some funky things sometimes - layoffs, bad grades, awful runs, injuries... the list can go on. But don't forget, with every obstacle that life hands you, you are in charge of making sure you get around it. Obstacles, by nature, are things that aren't supposed to be there and that you weren't expecting. They are the closed road on your way to work, the fallen tree on a trail run, or the unexpected twist in your job situation. You can either let the obstacle overwhelm you.

Or you can find away to beat the obstacle. Either way, you're in charge. Y

ou can sit and wallow at the unexpected challenge, or you can dig deep and find the way over the wall. It's the unexpected journey that will truly show everyone what you are made of. You can exclaim that life is unfair, and that because of so-and-so you'll never be able to accomplish what you wanted.

You expected it to be easy, and you realized it wasn't. It's what you do next is what matters. Don't blame someone or something for changing your plan - you are in charge of what you do. The moment you give the obstacle any sort of control over you, is when you can start to lose focus of the bigger picture, of what you are really capable of.

Face that obstacle head on, find your way over it, under it, around it, through it... and don't forget, you are always in charge.


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