Create Excuses or Create Results: You Can't Have Both

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I'm too young. Too old. Too slow. Too weak. Too this. Too that. It doesn't matter what excuse you use, they all sound the same. And they all smell like bullshit. So why do we keep using them? Why do we allow excuses to be our way "out" instead of competing to find a way?

You'll never find greatness by always making excuses and taking the easy way out. It just doesn't happen. Look at rising basketball star Jaden Newman in the video below:

Jaden is putting on a clinic against girls bigger than her, yet this 9-year-old is unphased playing against girls 6-8 years older than her on the varsity squad. She drives to the hole with reckless abandon despite being half the size of her opponents and almost half their age.

Even more, she's dominating some of her competition, averaging 14.8 points and 7.5 assists in varsity competition. Those are numbers most seniors would be happy averaging, much less someone who isn't even in middle school yet.

Jaden's story goes to show that you can create excuses or you can create results - but you can never have both. So what will you create today? Compete.


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