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I heard a great story last night on local sports talk radio. Brad Sham, the voice of the Dallas Cowboys, was interviewing long time veteran safety Will Allen about an incident in training camp this year. Allen was new to the team this year and during the start of camp, each player is required to pass a conditioning test, usually involving repeat sprints. If passed, the player can then practice with the team. A specific player had failed the test and lay dejected on the field.

Allen, who had just completed the test and was clearly exhausted, saw his teammate on the ground in exhaustion after failing. He knew he had to do something. So Allen grabbed another teammate and the two men got the fallen comrade up, and made him repeat the conditioning test. The two veterans, both whom had already passed the test, refused to leave someone behind and ran with him until he passed the test.

Exhaustion and rest became secondary to helping their teammate compete.

There are many a person out there who needs someone to come alongside them, offer a hand, and push them to compete harder until they succeed. They need the encouragement, the competitive fire, and the belief that they can succeed poured into them by someone who has been there. It’s what makes having a mentor so incredibly value to young business owners. It is also what makes having an accountability partner – in fitness, in spiritual walk, in life – all the more important.

Sometimes you need to breathe life into someone laying on the again, questioning whether they have any more to give. This life was never meant to be lived alone. Sharpen another’s iron today.


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