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Guest post by Amanda Fakhreddine

Integrity goes a long way. That's a lesson that four Division III football players lived when they decided to take a little extra time to do the right thing. Four football players from Williams Patterson University stopped into a Buddy Small Lots convenience store on their way to practice, according to ESPN. No one was working at the time, according to the article, and the door was left unlocked. The manager was called in, after the police came because of reported break in. When Marci Lederman was reviewing the surveillance tapes, she realized that it wasn't a break in at all - the four boys left money on the counter to cover everything they took.

"We were down there for 10 minutes looking for someone," wide receiver Anthony Biondi told ESPN. "We thought everybody was in the back on break."
Wide receiver Anthony Biondi, defensive back Kell'E Gallimore, wide receiver Thomas James and wide receiver Jelani Bruce decided to do one simple thing - pay for what they were taking from the store. That one simple act has garnered the attention of people everywhere. Why? Because even when no one was watching, they still held themselves accountable for their actions. Lederman was so overwhelmed, according to ESPN, that she gave each of the boys $50 to spend at the store. The four guys thought nothing of the act - each mentioning someone who taught them to act proudly and with integrity. For them, leaving without paying was never an option.
"[My father] sacrificed a lot for me," James wrote to ESPN. "I want to make him proud of me. I don't want him to look at me like I was a waste of time."
Be true to who you are, and have your actions speak louder than words. Whether it be in the box, on the street, in a store or at home, remember to act as if your whole world is watching - because most of the time, it is.


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