Never Give Up

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There's no way you can win now. The odds are stacked against you, and let's be honest, it's just not going to work out. You've been at this a long time, don't you think it's ok to give up? I promise it's ok not to win this time.

To hell with that talk.

I love sports. They have the power to remind us that no matter the odds we face, we can still find a way to win. No champion (save the '72 Dolphins) is invincible, and no situation is insurmountable. Don't believe me? Ask any team that has won on a hail mary pass. Or ask the 1993 Buffalo Bills who, down 32 points to the Houston Oilers, staged the greatest comeback in NFL history to win 41-38. What about the Tennessee Titans who in the "Music City Miracle" executed an incredible lateraled kickoff return for the game winning touchdown on their route to the Super Bowl.

Or better yet, how about we ask the high school athletes at A&M Consolidated in Texas. Friday night, in the team's game against Copperas Cove, trailing by 3 points with just ONE second left on the clock pulled out a miracle victory. The team took the squib kick, and through a series of well executed laterals, ran back the kickoff for the game-winning touchdown. Pure madness ensues.

Just another reminder that those who compete every day will find a way to win. Experts would agree that A&M Consolidated had no chance at victory. Yet they stood victorious at game's end. To hell with the odds. To hell with the experts' opinions. Solely focus on your ability to compete.

And whatever you do - don't give up.


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