What Direction Are You Moving?

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What are you training towards? We can talk about the gym, but I’m more concerned with what direction your life is headed. What are you working toward in your business? What steps are you taking to achieve your goals? What things are you doing to cultivate the relationships in your life?

We all have something or someone we train for, but it’s important to step back and evaluate the direction we are training towards as well. Are we truly moving in the direction of somewhere we want to be? Each day presents an opportunity to step out in the right direction.

A captain needs two things in order to succeed: 1. Knowledge of his map and what direction he needs to go, and 2. A willingness to lose sight of the shore.

If each day is the same and you haven’t taken one step toward your goal – you need a change. If you haven’t set a goal – you need a change. And if you have no idea where you’re headed in life – you need a change. Step outside of your comfort zone and lose sight of the shore for a moment to focus on the direction you are headed. It can be a big goal (start a new business) or a smaller goal (run your first obstacle race). The message is simple – set a goal and start working toward it.

And here’s an easy start. Members of the Compete Every Day team have set their sights on the October 26 Men’s Health Urbanathlon in New York City. Some members are running to prepare. Others are doing CrossFit. And others are simply showing up to work as a team and get through the race. But more importantly is the fact that we want YOU to join us. If you’ve never run a race, this is a great start to join us and race together. If you’re an avid runner but have yet to try an obstacle course, step up your game. You’ll love this.

But most of all, get outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Scale up. Challenge yourself. Lose sight of the shore.

And for all readers who join us in NYC, we’ve got a special discount code for you – COMPETE10 will get you 10% off registration. We’ll be hosting a post-race get together for all Compete Every Day community members who make the trip!


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