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“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

In ancient Greek mythology, the Hydra was a serpant-like beast that lived in swamps outside of a major metropolitan area. The Hydra was a terrifying creature with nine heads. It was dangerous & nearly invincible. If someone tried to cut one of its nine heads off, two more would grow in its place. The more opponents would try to strike down the beast, the stronger it became.

The same can be said for those who compete every day.

Life can flat out knock us down at times. Opponents beat us. Goals seem almost unreachable at times. And no matter how hard we struggle, brick wall after brick wall appear in our path. These challenges and obstacles are not put there to break you but to build you.

Each conquered obstacle strengthens your resolve for future obstacles. Just as your body grows stronger by breaking down muscles through working out, your spirit grows by overcoming adversity. Introducing the HYDRA shirt from Compete Every Day. Designed to remind you that all pain, struggles, and sacrifices of today simply provide you with the strength to conquer anything that life holds tomorrow.

Printed on a heathered black triblend t-shirt, the HYDRA is a daily symbol that whatever fails to kill you, strengthens you. As part of our ongoing Legendary Competitors Program, the limited-edition HYDRA shirt will benefit the Young Survival Coalition.

The YSC is a global nonprofit on a mission to help young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Like many of the women in the YSC, the experience of battling – and defeating – breast cancer has made them stronger in mind, body, & spirit. Their trials and tribulations strengthened their resolve. We believe in the positive work the YSC is actively engaged in and will be supporting them with our April shirt.


The Hydra Shirt


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