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Here we are on December 1, looking ahead to the start of 2013 in just 31 days. It’s amazing how fast the year has gone by. Each year seems to go by more quickly as we age, wouldn’t you agree?

Time is such a precious commodity, yet too many times we take it for granted. It was just over one year that I looked back on a “down” 2011 with incredible anticipation for 2012. For all the negatives I experienced two years ago, there were many bright spots. Many great memories created in spite of many hardships. 2012 has been the same way.

We’ve broken “limits” others thought to be impossible, and we’ve said goodbye to great members of the Compete community. We’ve celebrated success together and we’ve mourned loss and heartbreak. It is another year down in the story of our lives. But like last year, we press forward and compete through current circumstances. But for all the excitement toward the new year and all of the opportunities it presents, we are not finished with 2012 quite yet.

We have 31 days left in 2012. That’s 31 days to cross off one more bucket list item (running my first half-marathon tomorrow night!). 744 hours to reach that elusive goal, overcome that giant of an opponent, crush that PR. 44,640 minutes to use wisely.

Choose the healthy plate over junk food. Pull your tired self out of bed for that morning run while all of your opponents continue to sleep in. Take that leap of faith you’ve long feared making. 2,678,400 seconds – valuable seconds – to compete for your life. It doesn’t matter if 2012 has been great or horrendous – there is still time to end it on a powerful note. Compete.

Books are never defined by the first chapter, they are defined by how the story ends. End 2012 on the right now, make it count. Every second. Every Day. However long it takes. We will compete.

How do you plan to finish 2012?


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