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Brian Clay, Lolo Jones, exoneree-turned NFL athlete Brian Banks, Rich Froning, Lindsey Smith, Tim Tebow, and Gary Vaynerchuk all know who we are at Compete Every Day. In a short amount of time, we’ve transformed into a company that inspires and connects you with icons that have done what you’re doing.

The COMPETE platform features stories, anecdotes, and action steps that won’t just gear you up, it’ll show you how. That’s what we’re all about. And with the 100’s of the stories that we have in the pipeline, we’ve set aside (originally) 60 spots over the next 180 days to fill with your stories - the stories of your choosing. First come first serve.

Whenever you go all-in and purchase the six shirt set ($160) of the Compete Summer line, you earn the right to be featured on

Think of it as a press release for your cause. You give us the bullet points (email:, we professionally publish the story and disseminate it through our growing, engaged and active audience. Yes, an audience that includes the folks mentioned above. Not only will you have some of the hottest shirts to wear in one of the hottest summers, you’ll reserve your spot on our list to broadcast the story and drive the interest that you’ve wanted.

The shirt package includes: “Watch Me Compete”, “Compete // 2911: The Plan is Up”, “Compete Against What Competes Against You”, “Phoenixing”, “Scale Up”, and “Show Me My Opponent”. They are all manufactured here on athletic cut, comfortable blends. The messages are simple but they hit hard. And people will notice.

Thank you for supporting the Compete mission. You’re still at the ground level of a growing movement to encourage others through action.  Compete Every Day.


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