Don't Die Wondering

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As we look back on 2011 and what was or wasn’t, I pose a challenge to each of you.

Don’t die wondering.

2011 could be the last year for some of us. It’s a scary piece of reality. Even if it’s not, do we really think we’re going to live forever? Time is precious, so why put off things for one more year? Hell, why put off things for tomorrow?

Everyone gets worked up about the new year and all of it's possibilities. This is the year I'm finding love. This is the year I quit my job. This is the year I finally "____" It's always about next year as we celebrate December 31. The next day the the new year arrives and soon, our possibilities become "would've been nice if.." nothings. We start all over again 365 days later. But what if we woke up each morning with the same amazement and hope. Today is the day I _______.

And then actually did it.

What if we lived? Not just walked through life but let loose, took a chance on something, and lived? What if today was the day we... Took the leap of faith... Danced in the rain... Told the guy/girl we loved them... Started our dream job that we’ve talked about for months... Went skydiving for the first time.... Stepped into a gym – and was there at least 4 times a week.... Made a bucket list – then checked off our first item..

What if we woke up each morning with the same attitude we all have on December 31 looking into the future. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow, so we must compete for today. The worst feeling in the world is looking back and wondering “What If” - feeling haunted that you missed the chance to find out. So take chances. Be bold. Do it all.

Treat each day as an adventure. Today. Then one day you'll be able to look back from your death bed, smile, and say “Damn, that was a fun ride.” Don't die wondering.


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