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The first step of action is always the hardest.

I woke up, saw today’s workout was a 5K and immediately thought of a million excuses why I was going to take a rest day. I reviewed my “To Do” list for work this morning – write a blog, mail orders, tweet, etc… - and instead of diving straight in, I combed through my Facebook News Feed, articles on Mashable, and YouTube videos.

Why is that first step of action so seemingly difficult? Why is it when we see something out of our comfort zone, we freeze or back down when we should be stepping up to the challenge? What are we so scared of?

We can always think of excuses. They are incredibly easy to find when something difficult appears on our path. We talk about what we're going to do. We may even write it down on our daily list to accomplish. But we rarely get to the big stuff, choosing instead to knock out errands or menial tasks because they're easy. Action is rarely at the top of most people’s “to do” list. And that’s what separates winners from “also-rans.” Winners might not always succeed the first time. Or second time. Hell, even the third might not result in victory. They might fail. And fail often.

But as Seth Godin points out – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Why? Because they’re trying. They’re acting. They’re doing something. Anything. All in an effort to succeed.

Unless you finally force yourself to sit down and film that first video blog, you’re always going to find excuses. Until you stop saying “…I’ll do it when everything’s just right,” and just go ahead and do it, your business is never going to grow. And let’s be honest, nothing in life is ever going to be “just right.” Until you pick up that bar, you’re never going to get stronger. Until you ignore the every fiber in your head giving you an easy “out,” and show up to the gym, you’re never going to get better – physically or mentally.

Character is built by doing. By committing to action. By ignoring those excuses welling up inside. Character is built by not taking the easy way out and instead stepping up to the challenge. Character is built by competing. So run that 5K today. Work on that overhead squat that's been hounding you. Write that first blog. Make that first sales call.

Take the first step and DO SOMETHING today.


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