Our Story


Compete Every Day® is more than what you do in the gym or race. It’s about how you relentlessly pursue your goals, overcome all adversity, and set records in your own life. We are not the brand for everyone. We are the brand for those select individuals who desire more from their life than the “status quo.”

CrossFit athlete. Mother of three. High school football player. Father working three jobs. Marathon runner. Entrepreneur out on their own for the first (or fifth!) time. No matter your background, we all have a life worth competing for. Our job is to fuel your soul’s fire.

Every individual should compete. Every second. Every day. For beliefs, work, families, relationships, health, and ultimately, life. An idea that started as scribbled “Compete Every Day” on a yellow note pad has evolved into an international brand embraced by professional athletes, celebrities, and every day competitors.

A small team initially sold “Compete Every Day” on t-shirts and tanktops, starting by selling them out of the back of the founder’s car. To help spread the word, they looked only to free avenues, ultimately relying on friends and social media to become their marketing arms.

May 2012 marked a new competition. The Compete team committed to featuring a different person every single day that is making a difference in the world, overcoming adversity, and living a life worth living. (You can view their stories here on the Compete blog.)

2013 marks yet another competition. Compete Every Day® is empowering each of us to share our story online at www.CompeteEveryDay.com. We can tell the world how we’re competing every day and shine the spotlight on those who inspire us.

Ignite the fire inside, awaken the competitor in you. Today is your day, compete for it.