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2013 is a year that many of us in Boston will never forget.

The Richard family was ripped apart last year on that fateful day in April, and they are set to make 2014 epic.

You might remember the Richard family from early news reports – their eight year old son, Martin, was one of the three killed at the Boston Marathon finish line. Jane, his sister, lost her leg. His mother still suffers from lost eyesight, and his father is still recovering from a ruptured eardrum, according to a recent Boston Globe article.

“We are often asked how are we doing,” writes the Richard family on their blog. “The short answer is we are continuing to heal and doing our best to live our lives.  Everyday life is busy with school and sports, daily chores and longer-term house projects.  Lately we find ourselves shoveling out like everybody else in greater Boston.  We are also spending time with family and friends who continue to be a tremendous source of strength for us”

One might assume that this family might not want to be close to the Boston Marathon finish line again this year. Instead are making sure that no on forgets those words Martin wrote while in school – “No more hurting people”

They have founded “Team MR8″ as part of the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation, and announced the formation of this team on their family blog.  Team MR8, which stands for Martin’s initials and age, was founded “to honor Martin’s message of ‘No more hurting people – peace’ by investing in education, athletics and community,” according to the post.

This family will not let anything stand in their way in keeping their son’s wish alive. Their first stop? Boston Marathon 2014. Team MR8 is currently looking for runners who are interested in joining their team to run the Boston Marathon 2014 to raise money for the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation.

I’ll be filling out an application.

“This foundation will be a legacy for Martin, allowing us to “pay it forward” and make a difference in ways that would make him proud but also be a source of healing and purpose for us,” write the Richards family.

Let’s work together to make Martin proud this year, and let’s make this a year where we compete for peace.



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