Overcome a Bad Break – Anyway You Can


The Texas Rangers were dealt a serious blow to their World Series aspirations when starting pitcher Derek Holland fell at his home Friday and injured his right knee. This injury is expected to sideline a promising ace until mid-season – if not later. This was not the off-season the Rangers nor Derek had planned. It’s a bad break that no one could have forseen.

And such is life.

Bad breaks happen. We will hit a brick wall we ever saw coming. We will fall into a pit when we’re not looking. Things just won’t go the way we planned. At that moment, we have two choices:

  1. Whine, complain, soak in self-pity, and make excuses
  2. Compete, and find a way through the situation and back on the road you were on.

It’s that simple. Rare is the opportunity to pick a third choice. You either decide to give up – be it a job firing, knee injury, cancer diagnosis, or more – or you compete. And then, you fight like hell.

Bad breaks happen, but they shouldn’t write your story. Always remember that the biggest setbacks are the best setups for a legendary comeback.

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