My Story: Kim Norland


Like all athletes, I love competing and the challenges it presents.  I am drawn to people who share a similar mindset and have overcome challenges to reach success in their own lives.

Kim Norland is that type of person.

Kim was inspired by her parents at an early age to love fitness. She knew she wanted to educate others about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. She recalls one of her first memories doing when she was babysitting as a teenager and would play workout videos while having the children work out alongside her.

While in college, Kim spent all of her free time in the gym. She quickly realized that her true passion and purpose in life was in fitness. Kim began her internship in college, teaching exercise classes and pursuing her personal training certification.

Kim started her professional career in 1997. She struggled to balance her personal and financial lives, while maintaining two different career paths. This ultimately would end her career in both fields.  Depression set in and she took job selling security systems to small businesses. Ironically, her first potential client was a women’s fitness club.  Kim couldn’t convince them the importance of a security system, however she ended up with a teaching job instead.  Before she knew it, she was back working in the fitness space. It’s a great lesson that you must always find a way to pursue the field you love.

Her self-motivation is power driven from accomplishing personal fitness goals and body transformation, but most importantly the motivation from family and clients. “Lead by example you never know when or where you will inspire someone” she says.

Success to Kim is measured by doing what she loves most, teaching others to be fit, and sharing her love for fitness with others. “When you are truly doing what you love your passion shines. You become a happy person, which makes everyone else you come in contact with happy as well.”

Despite her setbacks, Kim persevered and found a way back to the career she loved. Is this something close to home for you? Have you lost your path and find yourself simply searching for a route back to what you love?

Every day presents the opportunities you need to get back on track – if you are ready to seize them. As Kim says, “Life’s a stage and you only get one performance. Make it a good one!”

Make today count.

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