Underdogs Prove ‘Em Wrong

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Anything can happen when you look past the odds “experts” give you & focus solely on competing. And it seems as though the story of David vs. Goliath is still being played out today on a number of stages.

Most recent? The 2013 college football opening weekend. Over the course of three days, seven FCS (formerly DI-AA) toppled larger FBS (Division I) programs. Some, such as Eastern Washington and North Dakota State, have won past FCS National Championships, while others are simply programs on the rise. All played on the road and against teams with more scholarships, resources (budgets) and expectations.

But on any given Saturday the team that wants it more can win. Like North Dakota State who went into Manhattan (KS) and defeated the reigning Big 12 Champions by three. K-State was favored by two touchdowns, but didn’t want victory as much as their opponents.

It doesn’t matter your size. It doesn’t matter where you came from or how much money you have. It matters how bad you want it. How hard you’re willing to compete for it. And how strong your persistence is.

Underdogs topple champions every single day. Time to slay the giant in your life.


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