Straight Through


There’s a great article on small college running back from Wayne State named Desmond Martin that perseveres through adversity in order to excel on the football and in his life. He grew up in inner-city Buffalo (NY) with his three siblings and single mother. The family was forced to move multiple times during the school year and stability was a word Desmond knew in word alone. Still, the young man carried his mom’s determined resilience throughout other areas of his life and knew no matter what came, he would treat it like football – and run straight through the opposition.

Now, the game-breaking running back is tearing up opposing defenses (121 yards on just 3 carries in one game last season) and focused on solidifying his own life to allow him to be a mentor to young athletes growing up in circumstances similar to what he had. No matter what you’re facing, run straight through.

Will you take that same approach today? No matter what Tuesday holds, take the ball and run straight through. Pump your legs, twist, fight, and push with everything you’ve got straight forward. It may be the hardest route, but it’s also the fastest route to your goal.


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