It Is What It Is


It is what it is.

That was NBA future Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant‘s response to a reporter’s question regarding ex-teammate Dwight Howard’s off-season departure. Dwight was traded for last season and the entire deal was a fiasco. He didn’t want to be in LA with Kobe and eventually left for Houston so he could be the main man. Reporters were asking Bryant “if Howard had come back, then…” and “since Howard left, how do you feel…” type questions. But Kobe was clear to point out – it is what it is, he has no control over what happened.

But you can damn well bet he plans to control how his Lakers’ team responds in 2014. If you doubt  this all-time great will return from his achilles injury with anything less than his championship form, you underestimate his tenancy and competitive spirit.

Why don’t we take Kobe’s response in life when things don’t go as planned?

Many times we catch ourselves complaining that “if only” something had gone different, we’d be better. We’d succeed if it wasn’t for “x.” We should instead say, “it is what it is” and proceed to compete all out regardless of the circumstances, believing that we will find victory without the “if only.” You can’t control outside circumstances. You can’t control what other people say or do.

You can control how you respond. How you compete. And how you ultimately win. So what will it be? Complain that something didn’t go your way? Or acknowledge you can’t change it and proceed to compete harder than ever to win?

Your choice.


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