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“Find a way. If something is important to you, and it looks impossible and you’re up against it. Just step back and say, ‘Do I have the resolve to get through this?’ And most times, you’ll find you do. People today give up too easy.”

Those are the powerful words spoken by Diana Nyad to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts when discussing her historic swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 64. She suffered lacerations in her mouth, jellyfish stings, and thrashing waves, yet Diana swam. And swam. And swam. Completing the over 100-mile swim in roughly 53 hours. Incredible.

Diana’s words ring true to so many. The truth is, when you realize the fact that your life is worth competing for, you’ll find the resolve to press onward. You’ll refuse to let a closed door stop you. And you’ll be damned if the idea of giving up ever crosses your mind again. You’ll be hit with adversity. You’ll step back and say “I’ll compete.” And then you go at it to find a way.

Never give up. Find a way. Compete Every Day.

Skip to the 5:30 mark to hear Diana’s inspirational words:


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