One Simple Thing


One simple thing can change the course of everything.

One Canadian Redditor, according to the Huffington Post, decided to change the course of the day for 300 fellow coffee drinkers.

According to the Huffington Post, Redditor JamesF4 bought 300 coffees – one for himself and 299 for the next 299 people. One simple thing, changed 300 lives.

One simple act can go a long way. It seems like JamesF4 learned that from his mother.

“My mother has always been extremely generous, even at times where she hasn’t had much to give,” JamesF4 commented. “In a way it’s a tribute to her, and by posting it I’m hoping other people will think and maybe pay it forward in kind.”

Now, I’m not saying that those people will go on to be billionaires of humanitarian saviors, but one act of kindness will spur another one. Maybe, the person behind him was on his was to a job interview. Maybe, 30 people down the line, there was a lady who was counting pennies to see if she could afford one. All of those 299 lives that were touched by one simple thing, came out of that Tim Hortons a slightly different person.

JamesF4 posted the picture on Reddit, and it has over 1289 upvotes and 1000 comments, according to the Huffington Post.

“I respect him,” fellow Redditor beesh18 wrote, “Not because he just bought coffee for all those people, but a simple thing like this can turn someone’s day around and who knows, they could have turned around and done some good deed to another stranger after this.”

As a competitor, your actions speak just as loud as your words. People look up to you. In this day and age everyone seems to be busy and moving at the speed of light, but remember those small acts of kindness still speak volumes. One simple thing is all it takes to make a difference.


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