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Everyone has a reason why they run. Sometimes it’s to beat their previous time. Sometimes it’s to do something they never thought they could do. Sometimes it’s to run for someone who can’t.

Who I Run 4 was started by Tim Boyle. His friend Michael had just been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and had been told that he would never walk again. After a year in a body cast, Michael found a doctor that was able to perform  an experimental surgery that would allow him to walk for 2 – 3 years, at best, according to the Who I Run 4 website. After 24 years of being able to walk and run due to the surgury, Michael is now currently in a wheelchair.

However, when Tim started running and training for his first 5K, Michael told him something that would soon launch a global movement: “You can run for me anytime.”

Who I Run 4 was born out of those simple words. Tim and his organization work tirelessly to pair up runners with special needs children and adults, in order to spread the love and excitement of running to those who can’t physically run. Runners can sign up to be matched with a person that they will dedicate their runs for, as a way to give an extra special meaning to every single run.

Susan VanDerAhe’s 9-year-old son Kyle, who is diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, was paired with a runner named Stephanie, according to ABC15.

“We were matched with Ms. Stephanie and she sends us pictures and we send her pictures. We talk about our days. She’s not only encouraging for my son, but she’s been encouraging for us on days when it’s really difficult,” VanDerAhe told ABC15.

The organization is always working to pair up runners with children and adults who want to know more about the passion of running. Run for those who want to, but can’t. Compete for those who need a helping hand. Compete to change the world.

“God gave me the gift of mobility. Others aren’t as fortunate. So, I run for Michael. Who do you run for?” – Tim Boyle, Founder of Who I Run 4

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