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Professional baseball is not supposed to look this easy. It simply does not happen the way the Los Angeles Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig has made it. It simply doesn’t look this, well, unbelievable.

Last season, MLB fans were captivated by the rookie performances of 20-something phenoms Mike Trout & Bryce Harper. It was a run for the ages as two rookies took both the American and National Leagues by storm – with Trout in serious contention for the MVP award, an almost unheard of for any rookie. Yet, both have been completely overshadowed by the way 22-year-old Yasiel has exploded on the scene this year. Just look at these highlights by the rookie Dodger:

  • Won his very first game – with his arm – by throwing out a runner at a base.
  • Hit 2 HRs and drove in 5 runs in his second game
  • National League Player of the Week – in his first week at the major league level
  • Became first player in MLB history with at least 34 hits and 7 home runs in his first 20 games
  • Highest batting average ever (.436) by a player in his first full month of major league play
  • Led all of baseball with 44 hits during the month of June – falling only 4 hits shy of Joe DiMaggio’s all-time single month record.

Those numbers are staggering for a veteran, but for a kid who still can’t even rent a car? It’s unbelievable. Dodgers’ fans may be rubbing their eyes and taking a double take (Is this kid for real?), but opposing pitchers have quickly learned the most dangerous player on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ $239 million payroll is a rookie who wasn’t even on the Opening Day roster.

Age is nothing. Talent & the will to compete is everything. 12, 35, or 65 – it doesn’t matter how old you are. Find a way to make your mark.

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